Despite initially feeling intimidated by Crossfit, Holly Craig has been a staple member of our community since 2014 and has been selected as November’s Member Spotlight!  Holly was convinced by a couple of her friends to try Crossfit, and has been making steady improvements for the past five years.  Starting her day at the 8:45 class became routine, but then she began to branch out and try different timed classes.  In the beginning, she remembers feeling too sore to even reach high enough to put her dishes away!  Over the years, Holly has set and achieved many goals, and her most proud moments include being able to box jump, do real push ups, getting a few toes to bar, and finishing the hero WOD Murph (“in less than a day”)!  And “being a part of something bigger” has also become important to Holly – whether it be a fundraiser workout like RyenStrong when so many people from our community showed up to support a member’s family, or running as a group in the town’s Pumpkin Run to benefit the Haddam Killingworth Youth and Family Services.  

How has your life changed since becoming a member at Crossfit Ironworks?  

Physically I feel so much better. For someone who has never in her life had any upper body strength, I now have at least a few tricep, lat and pec muscle fibers. But more importantly, I have my sanity. Being married for 24 years, being the mom of two teenagers and my job, while all wonderful, requires a lot of time and effort doing for others. I have my ‘me’ time at CFI. I always feel better after a WOD and have a better perspective on life’s daily insanities.

How has your experience changed in the time you have been here? 

I love going anytime to CFI. I love those hard core 6 am working ladies, the laid back 8:45 ers, the young super strong and fast working 5 and 6 pm ers, all the families with kids (now getting so big), and the hilarious firefighters. It doesn’t matter who you are or what level you’re at- everyone is very supportive. It’s an eclectic group, but a wonderful community.

What is your favorite movement?  Least favorite movement?

Deadlifts have always been my favorite. Snatches are my least favorite because they are so technical, with overhead squats being a close second (hurts my wrists sooo much!).

What would you tell people who are hesitant to try Crossfit?  

Just do it. Don’t be intimidated. EVERYTHING can be scaled or modified. Your only competition is yourself.  Do it for you. You’ll always be learning and getting better, and you’ll never run out of personal goals. Hell, after five years I’m still trying to get a pull up and double unders, and that’s ok.